School Policies

As part of the school plan, St Raphael’s Special School has a range of policies produced in accordance with The Education Act, 1998 and the Department of Education guidelines.

All policies can be viewed by request from the school office.

  1. Acceptable Use/Remote Learning Policy.
  2. Administering Buccal Midazolam by Non-nursing Staff Policy.
  3. Admissions Policy.
  4. Adult Anti-Bullying Policy.
  5. Anti Bullying Policy
  6. Assessment Policy.
  7. Child Protection Policy.
  8. St Raphael’s Child Safeguarding Statement.
  9. Notification regarding the Board of Management’s review of the Child Safeguarding Statement.
  10. Code of Behaviour Policy.
  11. Data Protection and Record Keeping Policy.
  12. Droichead Policy.
  13. Energy Policy.
  14. Fundraising Policy.
  15. Intimate and Personal Care Policy.
  16. IT Policy.
  17. Litter and Waste Recycling Policy.
  18. Reduction of School Day Policy.
  19. RSE Policy.
  20. School Attendance Policy.
  21. School Transport Policy.
  22. School Safety Statement.
  23. SNA Job-share Policy.
  24. Social Training and School Events.
  25. St Raphael’s School Covid-19 Response Plan.
  26. Substance Use Policy.
  27. Supervision and Individual Programmes Policy.
  28. Use of Mobile Phones Policy.
  29. Use of Restrictive Interventions Policy.
  30. Visitors to St Raphael’s School Policy.
  31. Whistleblowing (Protected Disclosures) Policy.

School Protocols

  • Holistic Care Protocol.
  • Children First Child Protection Protocol.